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Message From the NYSAGD Legislative Chair

Friday, Apr 8, 2016

With respect to the electronic prescription mandate, the Legislature is adopting NYSDA’s proposal to exempt those prescribers who issue 25 or fewer prescriptions annually. NYSDA had argued that eRx requirement is especially burdensome for those dentists who write a minimum number of prescriptions, and especially for those who also anticipate practicing for only a short time following the March 2016 deadline. The amendment to Article VII Health and Mental Hygiene Budget Bill – A.9007-C / S.6407-C will allow dentists who issue 25 or fewer prescriptions in a 12-month period to apply for certification exempting them from the electronic prescription requirements for both controlled and non-controlled drugs. Eligible dentists would need to submit a certificate annually to receive the exemption each year for up to three consecutive years.

Nathan Hershkowitz DDS, MAGD, Legislative Chair, NYSAGD

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