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Leaders for General Dentists

Wednesday, Mar 6, 2024

In an effort to involve more members and identify potential leaders at all levels of the organization, AGD conducts an ongoing leader recruitment process. Leaders serve the AGD by:

  • Planning and conducting local continuing education courses,
  • Participating as members of constituent and regional board of directors, and
  • Serving on a national level in the council and committee structure.

Our call for leader engagement offers all AGD members the opportunity to participate in a leadership role. Members who complete the application will be entered into a database. As our team prepares to make appointments, we will review all the respondents who indicated interest in the areas where leaders are needed. While in some cases there will be more interested applicants than available positions, every effort will be made to engage those members interested in getting involved. Members will have the opportunity to renew their interest each year.


Please submit your application for future appointments. For information regarding appointments, email

For additional information, contact

Jennifer Goler
Director, Governance 
888.AGD.DENT Main
888.243.7392 Exclusive AGD Leader Line
312.335.3438 Fax

We look forward to hearing from you.