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Live Webinar - Tetanus-Treatment and Prevention

Live Webinar - Tetanus-Treatment and Prevention
Date: 12/4/2023
Time: All Day
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The New York Academy of General Dentistry 

"Tetanus - Etiology, Treatment and Prevention"

Date: Monday, December 4, 2023

 Live Webinar 

  Course 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Course Code 010

Presentation by: Joseph DiDonato III DDS, MBA, FAGD

Dr. DiDonato has an undergraduate degree in Education.  He has taught for over forty years in a GPR program. He has provided numerous courses and videos in the past twenty years, presenting at the GNYDM, AGD National Meeting and numerous constituent meetings.  He has authored articles for the AGD Impact magazine and the NYSAGD GP Journal. He has made presentations on clinical and business practice topics.  He is interested in helping clinicians who want to get on the lecture circuit.  He is an advocate for continuing education in all phases of the dentist career. Dr DiDonato is a veteran speaker who is the ‘doggy daddy’ to Itsy, a French bulldog who contracted Tetanus. He documented her two year journey to help anyone who may find themselves and their pet in a similar situation. 

Course Goals and Objectives

World wide as many as six thousand people die each year from Tetanus.  The importance of keeping up to date on your vaccination for this disease will be detailed.  In the US we have successfully vaccinated our way out of danger with fewer than 50 people a year acquiring the disease and fewer still dying from it.  This course covers the cause, prevention, treatment and natural history of Tetanus through the trial of one little French bulldog as she progressed through this debilitating disease.  

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the etiology, treatment and prevention of Tetanus.

  • Understand the difference between types of Tetanus.

  • Understand the clinical hallmarks of Tetanus, as it relates to the dental presentation.

  • Understand the current treatments for Tetanus. 

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