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Continuing Education

June 12, 2020 at 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Member $60.00
Non-Member $90.00
Staff/Auxiliary $60.00
Resident/New Dentist $40.00

General Information

Provider New York State AGD Learning Center
Speaker Mr. Martin Schnee - Big Apple Radiation Safety Inc
Type/Category Lecture
Credits 3 MCE

This class will teach attendees about radiation safety for patient and operator and various office policies that must be addressed.

The New York AGD Learning Center Presents

"X-Ray Regulations and Radiation Safety"

Date: Friday, June 12, 2020

Live Webinar

Course 10:00am to 1:00pm

Course Code:  165

Speaker: Martin Schnee, CRESO

Course Objectives:

This class is meant to aid dentists in complying with and understanding New York City’s new Article 175 of the NYC Health Code. Section 175.49 (a) (2) requires initial documented training of all dental personnel and further requires dentists to teach the proper method of administering x-rays, processing x-rays and then evaluating annually the work of each individual that administers x-rays on patients. This class will teach personnel about radiation safety for patient and operator and various office policies that must be addressed.

Course Content:

    • Learning a brief history of x-ray discovery;

    • Mechanisms of x-ray generation and effects of exposure factors on beam

    • Film vs. Digital vs. phosphor plate receptors;

    • Imaging errors with causes and remedies and method to document;

    • State and government related regulations for safe operation of x-rays

                    (rules for CBCT, rules for hand held units, switches, oil, high voltage, stability of tube head);

    • Radiation doses and exposures (rules for pregnant workers);

    • Radiation protection and operator location (time, distance, shielding, ALARA);

    • Various protocols/policies within the office that need to be addressed;

    • What is ionizing radiation and how it differs from other types of radiation;

    • Describe the production of x-rays and its interaction with cells of the body;

    • Advise about patient doses and relate them to typical environmental exposures;

    • Knowing what the ALARA principle is and how it is interpreted;

    • Understand the regulations of radiation exposure to pregnant workers;

    • Learn the principles of Radiation Safety (time, distance and shielding);

    • Recognize unsafe conditions on the x-ray machine;

    • Understand the difference between using various KV choices for dental exams;

    • Learning where operator should stand when making the x-ray exposure; and

    • Evaluate operator’s poor images and steps for correction.

    • Big Apple Radiation Safety Inc.will provide the attendees with a "Certificate of Training"

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